San Diego Reputation Management

San Diego Reputation Management

San Diego reputation management is all about shaping public perception. Mistakenly, many people think that reputation management is a reactive solution only. In other words, people usually think that reputation management is a service that you employ only when you get some negative reviews online or some negative publicity in the media. And while it is true that reputation management is often used this way, reputation management can also be used in a proactive way if you have the right strategy and the right people behind you to implement the campaign.

You don’t have to wait until you get some bad recognition to address your public image. In fact, Rankify Media strongly recommends that you don’t! By taking a proactive approach to your public image, you’ll be able to stand stronger when the storm winds come, as they do for all San Diego businesses eventually!

The Importance of San Diego Reputation Management

Your company could have the best character and values in the world, but with a poor reputation online, good luck attracting new customers! As the saying goes, “It only takes one bad review!” We wish we could tell you that this reasoning is false, but it’s not. It’ very true. One bad review – deserved or undeserved – can literally put you out of business over time. However, if you employ the services of a professional San Diego reputation management firm, then negative reviews don’t have to hurt you!

How to Shape Public Opinion for San Diego Businesses

Shaping public opinion is all about controlling the narrative online. The good news is that Google, Yelp, and even the BBB are all artificial intelligence systems. That means they operate on algorithms. With the right strategy, these systems can be manipulated favorably to display great reviews over poor reviews. And with a little ingenuity and a whole bunch of time, negative reviews can be spun positively.

Of course, the way that we go about this process will vary from client to client, depending on their exact needs, budgets, and a number of other factors. Contact Rankify Media today to discuss your PR management needs.

Reputation Management is Essential for San Diego Businesses

Have you ever noticed that certain companies, such as Enron, crumbled under their public relations catastrophes while companies like Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and BP – companies who have been accused of being just as corrupt as Enron was – have managed to stay afloat? These latter companies are not only surviving today; they are thriving! It was excellent reputation management that allowed these companies to withstand the pressure of their reputation blowups and continue to flourish. Take a page from their book!

Personalities are Just as Important as Businesses

Rankify Media recently helped a long-time local physician who came under scrutiny after being arrested and convicted for a DUI. This particular client’s practice was being severely damaged by all of the negative publicity he was receiving. Within 90 days, we were able to all but suppress that story and show the complete picture of his true character and his lifetime of honorable work and servitude to his community. His business is doing just fine today.